The Digital Television and Multimedia Services area in Vicomtech-IK4 expects to bring technological solutions to the different agents in the audiovisual and multimedia value chain, so that the television experience of users and the activity of the broadcast-world professionals are improved. The main activity lines of the area are:

Interactive Media Technologies

The clear trend of the Information Society towards mobile devices and the convergence of different channels, media and devices requires technological solutions that seamlessly integrate multimedia flows and user interaction capabilities. Vicomtech-IK4 creates technology that enables this Multimedia Home ecosystem where content and services are offered following a user centric approach.

On the other hand, Digital TV is also becoming part of this convergence of multimedia services with technological approaches that combine broadcast and broadband communications aiming richer experiences. Vicomtech-IK4 is actively working on all these technologies with R&D projects that cover both proprietary solutions and open standards such us HbbTV or HTML-5 based service platforms. Our vision includes all multimedia devices operating seamlessly around the user, where services are provided in a fully personalized manner, offering a synchronized multi-device experience and sharing it with the community.

Media Production Technologies

Nowadays, the classical production pipeline is evolving towards a more harwdare independent and web technology based set of technologies. Vicomtech creates solutions that while being interoperable existing media production infrastructures (e.g: OB units, broadcast headends, CDNs, etc.), provide innovative advantages in terms of cost efficiency, IP/web integration, new media etc.

Vicomtech-IK4 creates and integrates technology for audiovisual productions where any of the dimensions of a video or audio is extended:
  • 3D and stereoscopy
    • Virtual and Augmented Reality (with and without markers)
  • Real time object tracking
  • Other video formats
    • HDR imaging
    • Thermal imaging
    • High Speed imaging
    • 360º imaging
  • Real time video generation and automatic editing tools
  • Video flow management tools
    • Special effects
    • Processing, encoding, streaming
  • Video distribution and transmission
  • Video and transmission quality measurements

Multimedia Content Analysis & Management

In Digital Asset Management (DAM), metadata-based search requires expensive / unreliable manual effort. Moreover, digital assets are more and more heterogeneous and interconnected. DAM has become a key challenge both for professionals and final users that find classical search and retrieval tools insufficient.

New concepts such as Linked Open Data and Big Data are having a strong impact in how information is stored, published and managed.
We are working on multimodal indexing, search and retrieval workflows that deal with the aforementioned issues by:
  • Developing scalable cloud-based multimedia repositories integrating hierarchical storage and progressive content analysis
  • Creating multidevice Visual Analytics for complex big data sets